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Welcome to THC-Chat, Your one stop toke spot!
Founded in 2010, our goal is to offer a fun, safe and peaceful environment for cannabis users to relax, toke, and discuss all things cannabis related in.

Welcome to THC-Chat!

By using our site you agree to these rules:
1. No hard drugs such as Cocaine, PCP, LSD, Pills, etc. ( We don't do drugs, just smoke THC. )
2. Please be nice and respectful to the staff and community members, this is not a dating site.
3. We do NOT allow selling or distributing the cannabis flower in any form on this site.
4. Nudity or explicit photo, video or other material of that matter is NOT allowed on this website.
5. No drama, DO NOT start stupid arguments, rants, racial slurs, taunts, etc.
6. Our goal is to have a peaceful and fun environment for everyone, please be respectful.

Please contact MarijuanaJoE if you have any questions or feedback about the site.

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